What items do you take?

• Clothing … it’s our primary focus and our biggest need. All types and sizes acceptable!
• Shoes
• Accessories (Hats, Belts, Ties, Purses, Jewelry)
• Bath / Linens / Bedding
• Books (no magazines or text books)
• Toys
• Dishware
• Pots and Pans
• Small Electronics
• Household Items

What items don't you take?

• Furniture
• Office Desks / Equipment
• Large Appliances (Microwaves are the largest we can handle)
• Mattresses and Box Springs
• Exercise Equipment
• Rugs / Carpet
• Big Screen TV’s
• Outdoor Plastic Toys / Pools / Sand Boxes
• Patio Furniture
• Grills
• Anything too large for one man to handle

How do I pack my items?

All clothing should be placed in garbage bags and labeled NKF. Dishes (or anything breakable) should be packed as if you were moving. Small miscellaneous household items should be packed in a box, sealed and labeled NKF. In bad weather, place items in a plastic garbage bag, tie, label, and turn the bag upside down.

Where do I put my donation?

Your donation should be placed by your front door (preferred location) or on your front driveway (our trucks are not allowed in alleys).

Do I need to be home?

No. Leave your donation clearly labeled for NKF on your front porch. Our driver will pick-up the donation and will leave a tax receipt without disturbing you.

When will the items be picked-up?

On the scheduled pick-up day, your items should be outside by 8:00AM. Your donation will be picked up between 8:00AM and dark (rain or shine). Unfortunately, our routes vary throughout the day and we are unable to give you a specific time for pick-up.

Will the driver look for my donation if I choose not to schedule a pick-up?

No. There are other organizations that will just “drive and look”. However, we have found this method causes too many missed and/or accidental pick-ups. We require you to be on the driver’s scheduled list to avoid such problems.

Where do my items go?

We sell the donations in bulk to area thrift stores.

Where do the profits go?

All proceeds from the sale of merchandise to area thrift stores benefit the National Kidney Foundation Serving Texas.

Are other dates available?

Possibly. E-mail dispatch@clothesforkidney.org or call (972) 434-0734 or metro (817) 467-1625 between the hours of 8-4 for possible alternate dates.

When will you come again?

Our schedules are always changing, but we will try to rotate back into your area every two months. You are welcome to contact us for future pick-up dates.

Where can I drop off my donation?

There are three area thrift stores which are approved to accept donations on behalf of NKFST:
Thrift World, 1358 W Main St, Lewisville (972) 219-8727
Thrift World of Dallas, 3046 Forest Ln, Dallas 972-481-7800

What do I do if my donation was not picked-up on the scheduled day?

E-mail dispatch@clothesforkidney.org or call (972) 434-0734 or metro (817) 467-1625 between the hours of 8-4. Dispatch will identify the problem and reschedule your pick up as quickly as possible.

Will the driver come inside and pick-up?

No, drivers are not permitted to enter your home.

Do you accept yard sale, rummage sale or thrift shop merchandise?

No, we cannot accept items that have previously been tagged for sale.

Do you pick-up in bad weather?

Yes. We pick-up in all types of weather. If there is a State of Emergency, we will not pick-up. If the driver is unable to navigate the truck, we will cancel the route and reschedule with you as quickly as possible. Canceling a route is the last resort option for us and rarely happens.